Advanced Processes

Momentum Momentum by SpeedFam-IPEC integrates multi-platen Chemical Mechanical Planarization technology with advanced wafer cleaning systems.
Virtual Cleanroom Virtual Cleanroom illustrates step-by-step how semiconductors are made, showing both aluminum and copper processes. Sponsored by Needham and Company.
APT-6000 HP The Quester APT-6000 HP Atmospheric TEOS-Ozone CVD System is specifically designed for advanced interlayer dielectric deposition.
Photolithography Photolithography: steppers and scanners. Making chips starts with lithography. Let us show you how these state-of-the-art systems work.
Next Generation Lithography

Next Generation Lithography Systems.  See how Extreme UV, X-ray Lithography, SCALPEL, and Ion Projection Lithography stack up against optical lithography systems.

Metrology Techniques

Metrology Techniques  Discover how Spectrophotometers, Ellipsometers, Opto-acoustics, and Scanning Tunneling Microscopes work.

Coming Soon:

Photolithography: new photomask technology including Optical Proximity Correction and Phase-shift masks

Advanced Process Control Advanced Process Control: open loop vs. closed loop. See how advanced process control is used to ensure maximum production of good product.
Chemical Mechanical Planarization

Why do you need CMP?  See why chemical mechanical planarization is essential in the production of high density chips.



Axon Technologies Corporation

Axon Technologies Corporation. The revolutionary Programmable Metallization Cell (PMC) technology ... the future in solid state memory and storage.