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IEDM 2009 Technical Program



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Plenary Session

Session 2: Process Technology - CMOS Junctions: Advanced Anneals and Metrology

Session 3: CMOS Devices and Technology – Device Scaling and Variability

Session 4: Modeling and Simulation - Memory and Transport Modeling

Session 5: Memory Technology – PRAM and RRAM

Session 6: Characterization, Reliability, and Yield – Hi-K

Session 7: Quantum, Power, and Compound Semiconductors – Power Devices: Si, SiC, GaN

Session 8: Displays, Sensors, and MEMS – TFT Technologies

Session 9: Solid-State and Nanoelectronics Devices – Spin Devices and Nano-Electromechanical Devices

Session 10: Emerging Technologies - Graphene Nanoelectronics

Session 11: Memory Technology – RAM and Modeling of Memory Reliability

Session 12: CMOS Devices and Technology – FinFET and Nanowire Devices

Session 13: Quantum, Power, and Compound Semiconductors – III-V Logic Transistors with Advanced Gate Stack

Session 14: Process Technology – Advanced 3D Technology and Processing

Session 15: Displays, Sensors and MEMS – Organic Electronics

Session 16: Characterization, Reliability and Yield – Product Reliability and ESD

Session 17:Process Technology – High-k and Metal Gate Technology Luncheon Presentation

Luncheon Session

Session 18: 2009 IEDM Special Session: Confluence of Technology and Design: Design Issues on 32/22nm and Beyond

Session 19: CMOS Devices and Technology – Channel Transport in Advanced Si and Ge Devices

Session 20: Quantum, Power and Compound Semiconductors – III-V HEMT Device Scaling

Session 21: Modeling and Simulation – CMOS Process and Optimization

Session 22: Displays, Sensors and MEMS – Heterogeneous Integration for Energy Harvesting and Photonics

Session 23: State and Nanoelectronic Devices – Silicon Photonics, Carbon Devices and Integration

Session 24: 2009 IEDM Evening Panel Discussion

Session 25: 2009 IEDM Evening Panel Discussion

Session 26: Displays, Sensors and MEMS – Medical and Bioelectronics

Session 27: Memory Technology – 3D Memory: Non-volatile Memory Architectures

Session 28: CMOS Devices and Technology – Advanced High-K Metal Gate SoC and High Performance CMOS Platforms

Session 29: Process Technology – Si Channel Engineering and Ge Technologies

Session 30: Modeling and Simulation – Noise and Fluctuations

Session 31: Characterization, Reliability and Yield – BTI and Memory

Session 32: Characterization, Reliability and Yield – Random Telegraph Noise

Session 33: Displays, Sensors and MEMS – Micro-Resonators and RF MEMS

Session 34: Memory Technology – Flash Memory

Session 35: Quantum, Power and Compound Semiconductors – CMOS Compatible, High Mobility III-V Devices

Session 36: Process Technology – Advanced Interconnect Technologies for CMOS Applications

Session 37: Modeling and Simulation – Emerging Devices

Session 38: Solid-State and Nanoelectronic Devices – Devices and Circuits Based on Nanowires and Solid-Electrolyte Switches