1, 1-trichloroethane; trichloroethate
1/f, one over "f" noise where "f" is frequency
1D, one dimensional 1T-1C, 1 transistor/1 capacitor
1T-2C, 1 transistor/2 capacitor
2D, two dimensional 3D, three dimensional 802.11, protocol for wireless local area network (WLAN)
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A&P, Assembly and Packaging A/D, analog to digital
A/R, aspect ratio
AA, atomic absorption; anti-alias
AAS, atomic absorption spectroscopy
AAS/GFAAS, atomic absorption spectroscopy/graphite furnace atomic absorption spectroscopy
ABC, activity-based costing; auto-adjustment of image brightness and contrast
ABM, activity-based management
ABS, antilock braking system
ABT, abrasive technology
ABW, apparent beam width
Ac, actinium
AC, alternating current; activated carbon
ACCESS, analysis computer for component engineering services support
ACF, anisotropic conductive film
ACGHIC, American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists
ACI, after clean inspection
ACLV, across-chip linewidth variation
ACP, anisotropic conductive paste
ACPR, adjacent channel power ratio
ACT, alternative control techniques; actual cycle time
Ad, analog design
ADC, analog-to-digital converter; automated data collection; automatic defect classification
ADC/DAC, analog-digital converter/digital-analog converter
ADDR, to be filled in
ADE, advanced development environment; annular dark field
ADI, after develop inspection
ADIG, Application Development Interface Guidelines
ADIO, analog/digital input/output
ADL, add lot
ADP, administrative data processing
ADR, automatic defect review
ADSL, asymmetrical digital subscriber list
ADT, applied diagnostic techniques
ADTSEM, apply/develop track specific equipment model
AE, atomic emission; acoustic emission; absolute ellipsometry; advanced energy
AEC, advanced equipment controller
AECS, advanced equipment control system; automated equipment control system
AEI, after etch inspection; automated equipment interface
AEM, analytical electron microscopy
AES, Auger emission spectroscopy; Auger electron spectroscopy
AEX, acid exhaust
AFD, application framework definition
AFM, atomic force microscopy
AFP, abrasive-free polish
Ag, silver
AGC, automatic gain control
A-GEMTF, Advanced GEM Task Force
AGV, automated guided vehicle
AHF, anhydrous hydrogen fluoride
AHU, air handling unit
AI, artificial intelligence
AIMS, aerial image microscope
AIR, automated image retrieval
Al, aluminum
ALCVD, atomic layer chemical vapor deposition
ALD, atomic layer deposition
ALE, atomic layer epitaxy; application logic element
AlF, aluminum fluoride
ALID, alarm event identifier
ALS, advanced light source (LBNL); advanced low-power Schottky
alt, alternating phase shift mask
Alt, alternating
ALU, arithmetic logic unit
Am, americium
AMC, airborne molecular contamination
AMH, automated material handling
AMHS, automated material handling system
AML, automatic model linking
AMS, analog/mixed-signal
AMSRF, analog, mixed-signal, and RF
AMT, advanced manufacturing technology
AMU, atomic mass unit
ANN, artificial neural network
ANOVA, analysis of variance
ANS, advanced nanodefect surface inspection system
ANSI, American National Standards Institute
AOQL, average outgoing quality level
AOV, air-operated valve
AP, adhesion promoter
APA, advanced performance algorithm
APC, advanced process control
APCD, add-on pollution control devices
APCFI, Advanced Process Control Framework Initiative
APCVD, atmospheric pressure chemical vapor deposition
APD, adhesion promoter dispense
APEC, advanced process equipment control
APG, algorithmic pattern generator
API, application programming interface; atmospheric pressure ionization; application programmer's interface
APIMS, atmospheric pressure ionization mass spectroscopy
APM, atmospheric passivation module; acoustic plate mode; ammonium hydroxide/hydrogen peroxide mixture
APRDL, Advanced Products Research and Development Laboratory
aPSM or APSM, attenuating phase shift mask
APT, advanced probe technology; anti-punchthrough
AQ, administrative quality
AQI, ACCESS query interface
AQL, acceptance quality level: acceptable quality level
AQTX, aquatic toxicity
Ar, argon
AR, aspect ratio; antireflective
ARAMS, Automated Reliability, Availability and Maintainability Standard
ARC, antireflective coating
ARDE, aspect ratio-dependent etching
ArF, exposure wavelength
ARIMA, auto regressive moving average with integration
ARO, after receipt of order
ARPA, Advanced Research Projects Agency (see DARPA)
ARRC, advanced R2R control
ARS, angle-resolved scattering
As, arsenic
AS/RS, automated storage and retrieval system
ASAP, Advanced Stepper Application Program; as soon as possible
ASHRAE, American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Airconditioning Engineers
ASIC, application specific integrated circuit
ASIC/LP, low power ASIC
ASME, American Society for Mechanical Engineering
ASO, automatic shutoff
ASP, advanced strip and passivation; advanced strip processor; average selling price
ASR, automated send receive
ASSP, application-specific standard product
ASTM, American Society for Testing and Materials
ASV, advanced safety vehicle
At, astatine
ATA, advanced test accelerator
ATDF, Advanced Tool Development Facility
ATE, automatic test equipment
ATF, Automation Test Facility (recently renamed SIL)
ATG, automatic test generation
ATLAS, abbreviated test language for all systems
atm, atmosphere
ATP, advanced technology program; adenosine triphosphate; acceptance and tool performance; advanced tool program
ATPG, automatic test pattern generation
ATR, attenuated total reflectance
ATR-FTIR, attenuated total reflectance Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy
ATS, aggressive thread seal
Att, attenuated
attPSM, attenuated phase shift mask
Au, gold
AVA, automatic variable aperture
AVP, advanced vertical processor
AVS, advanced visualization system
AWE, asymptotic waveform evaluation
AWG, array waveguide gratings
AWG/Sin, arbitrary waveform generations/sine wave
AWISPM, above-wafer in situ particle monitoring
AWS, advanced wet station
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B, billion; boron
Ba, barium
BACT, best available control technology
BARC, backside antireflective coating
BASE, Boston Area Semiconductor Education (Council)
BAW, bulk acoustic wave
BC, bias contrast
BCAD , business computer-aided manufacturing
BCB, benzocyclobutene
BCD, binary coded decimal; bulk chemical distribution
BDEV, behavior-level deviation
BDS, Brownian Dynamics Simulation; beam delivery system
Be, beryllium
BED, boron enhanced diffusion
BENU, bull's eye nonuniformity
BEOL, back end-of-line
BER, bit error rate
BERT, bit error rate tester
BES, backscatter electron signal
BESOI, bonded and etchback SOI
beta, DC common emitter gain
BF, brightfield I
BFGS, Broyden-Fletcher-Goldfarb-Shanno optimization algorithm
BFL , buffered field-effect-transistor logic
BGA, ball grid array
BGS, bulk gas system
BHT, Brinell hardness test
Bi, bismuth
BI, burn in
BiCMOS, bipolar complementary metal-oxide semiconductor
BIFET, bipolar field-effect transistor
BILLI, P+ buried layer
BIM, binary intensity mask
BiMOS, bipolar metal-oxide semiconductor
BIRA, built-in redundancy allocation
BISR, built-in self repair
BIST, built-in self test
BIT, bulk ion temperature
BITE, built-in test equipment
Bk, berkelium
BKM, best known methods
BLD, beam lead device
BLEVE, boiling liquid expanding vapor explosion
BLOK, barrier low-k
BLT, bismuth lanthanum titanate; (Bi,La)4Ti3O12
BMC, bubble memory controller
BMD, bulk micro defect
BOE, buffered oxide etchant
BOR, bottom of range
BOSS, Book of SEMI Standards; binary object storage system; burn-out of sacrificial substances
BOST, built off-chip self test
BOX, buried oxide
BPE, beam profile ellipsometry
BPR, beam profile reflectometry; business process re-engineering
BPSG, boro phosphosilicate glass
BPTEOS, borophosphosilicate glass from a TEOS oxysilane source (TEOS is a trademark of NALCO Chemical Company.)
Br, bromine
BSE, backscattered electron detection
BSR, backside rinse
BST, barium strontium titanate
BT, bismallimide triazene
BTAB, bumped tape automated bonding
BTS, biased thermal stress
BV, breakdown voltage
BVcbo, collector base breakdown voltage with open emitter
BVceo, collector emitter breakdown voltage with open base
BVdgo, drain and gate breakdown voltage with open source
BVdso, drain source breakdown voltage with open gate
BVH, buried via hole
BW, bandwidth
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C, carbon; capacitance
Ca, calcium
CA , CIM architecture; clear aperture
CAA, CIM applications architecture
CAB, competitive analysis benchmarking
CAD, computer-aided design
CADS, computer aided design system
CADT, control application development tool
CAE, computer-aided engineering
CAF, controlled ambient facility
CAG, Competitive Analysis Group
CAI, computer-assisted instruction
CALS, Computer-Aided Logistics Support (Air Force program)
CAM, computer-aided manufacturing
CAP, Consumables Acceleration Program
CAPS, computer-assisted problem solving
CAR, computer-aided research
CARC, critical aspect ratio collapse
CARL, chemically amplified resist lithography
CARR, compound annual reduction rate
CARRI, Computerized Assessment of Relative Risk Impacts
CASE, computer-aided software engineering; computer-aided systems engineering
CAT, computer-aided testing; cassette alignment tool
CAW, Construction Analysis Workgroup
CAWC, cryogenic aerosol wafer cleaning
Cb, columbiun
CBD, chemical bath deposition
CBGA, ceramic ball grid array
CBIR, content-based image retrieval
CBL, bitline capitance per cell
CBS, chemical bottle storage area
CBT, computer-based training
CC, chip carrier; cluster controller
CCC, ceramic chip carrier, current carrying capacity
CCD, charge-coupled device
CCOS, computer-controlled optical surfacing
CCSL, compatible current-sinking logic
CCW, counterclockwise
Cd, cadmium
CD, critical dimension
CD/OL, critical dimension overlay
CDA, clean dry air
CDC, Chemical Data Council
CDE, chemical downstream etch
CDEM, Customer Delivery Enterprise Model
CDG, ceramic diaphragm gauge
CDI, collector-diffusion isolation
CDM, Common Device Model for SAB
CDMA, code division multiple access
CDO, controlled decomposition/oxidation
CDR, chemical distribution room; data recovery circuits
CD-ROM, compact disk read-only memory
CDU, chemical dispense unit
CE, capillary electrophoresis
Ce, cerium
CEC, cell evaluation chip
CEE, control execution environment
CEID, collection event identifier
CEM, continuous emissions monitoring
CEN, change engineering notice
CEP, chemically enhanced planarization
CEPT, COMETS Equipment Performance Tracking
CER-DIP, ceramic dual in-line package
Cf, californium
CFA, component failure analysis
CFC, chlorofluorocarbon
CFD, computational fluid dynamics
CFE, cold field emission
CFI, CAD Framework Initiative
CFM, contamination-free manufacturing
CFMRC, Contamination-Free Manufacturing Research Center
CFT, cross-functional team
CFU, colony forming unit
CGA, Compressed Gas Association
Cgate, gate capacitance
CHP, coat hotplate
CHR, communication history report
CI, carrier illumination; confidence interval
CIC, cleanroom interface chamber
CID, charge-injection device
CIE, computer-integrated engineering
CIM, computer-integrated manufacturing
CIM-OSA, computer-integrated manufacturing-open systems architecture (ESPRIT program)
CIP, Continuous Improvement Program
CIS, Center for Integrated Systems
CISC, complex instruction set computer
Cl, chlorine
CLC, cancel lot cycle
CLCC, ceramic leaded chip carrier
CLIC, closed-loop intensity control
CLY, circuit-limited yield
CM, configuration management; cassette module
Cm, curium
CMA, cylindrical mirror analyzer
CMC, cassette module controller
CML, current mode logic
CMM, capability maturity model; coordinate measuring machine
CMOS, complementary metal-oxide-silicon; complementary metal-oxide semiconductor
CMP, chemical mechanical planarization; chemical mechanical polishing
CMR, common-mode rejection ratio; cancel move request
CMS, coordinate measuring system
CMUG, Cost Modeling Users Group
CNC, computer numerical control; condensation nucleus counter; condensed nucleus counter
CNN, cellular non-linear network; cellular neural network
CNS, central nervous system
CNT, carbon nanotube
Co, cobalt
COB, chip-on-board
COC, cost of consumables
CODEC, coder-decoder
COED, computer optimized experimental design
COGS, cost of goods sold
COO, chief operating officer
CoO, cost of ownership
COOL, Cost of Ownership Luminator (Wright, Williams & Kelly)
COP, crystal originated pit
COPS, crystal oriented pits
CORBA, common object request broker architecture
CORE, composite object reference
COS, coronoa-oxide-semiconductor
COSS, common object services specification
COT, customer-owned tooling
COV, coefficient of variance
CoV, see COV
Cox, oxide capacitance
CP, cost-performance; chip place
Cp, process capability
CP/M, computer program/maintenance
CPA, commerical product adhesive
Cparasitic, parasitic capacitance
CPD, concurrent product development
CPE, Communications, Participation and Education program
CPGA, ceramic pin grid array
Cpk, process capability index
CPM, chamber pressure management
CPU, central processing unit
CQED, cavity quantum electrodynamics
CQFP, ceramic quad flat pack
CQN, closed-queuing network
Cr , chromium
CRADA, Cooperative Research and Development Agreement
CRC, cyclic redundancy check
CRM, Cost/Resource Model; certified reference materials
CRT, cathode ray tube
Cs, cesium
CSA, CIM systems architecture
CSD, chemical solution deposition
CSE, control systems engineering
CSF, critical success factor
CSL, current-steering logic
CSMA/CD, carrier-sense, multiple-access/collision detection
CSP, chip-scale package
CSPED, concurrent semiconductor production and equipment development
CST, CIM systems technology
CSTR, continuously stirred tank reactor
CSV, comma-separated variable; comma-separated value
CT, cycle time
CTC, cluster tool controller
CTE, coefficient of thermal expansion; center-to-edge
CTI, computer-telephone integration; cycle time improvement
CTL, complementary transistor logic
CTMC, cluster tool modular communications
C-to-C, cassette-to-cassette
Cu, copper
CUB, central utility building
CUBES, capacity utilization bottleneck efficiency system
CUI, common user interface
CUSUM, cumulative sum
CV, capacitance voltage
C-V, capacitance-to-voltage
CV/I, intrinsic transistor delay
CVA, continuous variable aperture
CV-BTS, capacitance-to-voltage iased thermal stress
CVC, chemical vapor cleaning
CVCM, collected volatile condensable materials
CVD, chemical vapor deposition
CVS, cyclic voltammetry stripping
CW, continuous wave; clockwise
CWL, wordline capacitance per cell
CWS, chilled water system
CYM, cycle model
Cz, Czochralski process
CZ, Czochralski
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D/A, digital to analog
D/B, die bonding
D/I, develop inspect; dense vs. isolated
D0, Defect density
dA, digital design
DAC, digital-to-analog converter; dielectric aging chamber
DARPA, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (see ARPA)
DAS, direct absorption spectroscopy
DASSL, differential algebraic system solver
DAT, direct access DFT
dB, decibels dBa, adjusted decibel
dBc, dB change from carrier frequency; dB of gain compression
dBm, dB referred to 1 milliwatt
DBMS, database management system
DBP, data processing board
dbRT, decibel/root Hertz
DC, direct current
DCA, direct chip attachment
DCATS, double-contained acid transfer system
DCCF, discounted cumulative cash flow
DC-DC, DC to DC conversion
DCE, distributed computer environment
DCFL, direct coupled FET logic
DCG, distortion calibration grid; domain coordination group
DCL, digital command language; display communication log
DCS, dichlorosilane; digital cellular service
DCVD, dieletric chemical vapor deposition
DD, defect density
DDH, direct-to-digital holography
DDL, device description language
DDMS, defect data management system
DECT, digital European cordless telephone
DEDS , discrete-event dynamic simulation
DEE, detailed equipment events
DEMUX, to be filled in
DES, data encryption standard; display equipment status
DF, Darkfield
DFC, densified fluid clean
DFE, dual frequency etch
DFESH, design for ESH
DFLP, design for low power
DFM, design for manufacture; design for manufacturability
DFR, design for reliability
DFT, design for testability; design for test
DGM, dynamic grid matching
DHF, dilute hydrofluoric acid
DI, deionized; dielectric isolation
di/dt, rate of change current to time
DIBL, drain-induced drain leakage; drain-induced barrier lowering
DIC, differential interference contrast
DICE, DARPA Initiative in Concurrent Engineering
DIL, dual inline
DIP, dual inline package
DJ, deterministic jitter
Dlasoi, large area SOI defects
DLBI, device level burn-in
DLL, dynamic link library; data link layer; delay lock loop; design limit load
DLM, dual-level metal
DLOC, developed source lines of code
DLS, display lot status
DLT, device level test
DLTS, deep level transient spectroscopy
DM, defect management
DMA, direct memory access; dynamic mechanical analysis
DMH , display message helps
DML, data manipulation language; display message log
DMM, digital multimeter
DMOS, diffused metal-oxide semiconductor
DMR, display move requests
DMS, Data Management Standard; data management system
DNN, dark narrow normal
DNO, dark narrow oblique
DO, dynamic optimization; dissolved oxygen
DOA, dead-on alignment
DOAS, differential optical absorption spectroscopy
DoC, Department of Commerce
DoD, Department of Defense
DoE, Department of Energy
DOE, design of experiments
DOF, depth of field; depth of focus
DOP, dioctylphthalate
DOS, disk operating system
DOTS, digital-optical technology system
DPA, destructive physical analysis
DPB, data processing board
DPI, dots per inch
DPM, digital panel meter
DPS, display process status; decoupled plasma source; digital power supply
DPSRAM, dual-port static random access memory
DRAM, dynamic random access memory
DRAPAC, Design Rule and Process Architecture Council
DRC , design rule check
DRE, destruction removal efficiency
DRIFTS, diffuse reflectance infrared Fourier transform spectroscopy
DRT, defect review tool
DS, decision support
DSA, display system activity; dimensionally stable anode
Dsasoi, small area SOI defects
DSC, differential scanning calorimetry
DSE, droplet surface etching
DSF, dead space free
DSM, data storage management
DSMC, direct simulation Monte Carlo
DSP, differential signal processing; digital signal processing
DSQ, downstream quartz; decoupled source quartz
DSS, display stocker status
DSW, direct step-on-wafer
DT, dynamic test; design technology
Dt, thermal budget, diffusion coefficient x time
DTA, differential thermal analysis
DTC, direct thermocouple control
DTL, diode transistor logic
DTM, defect test monitor; delay time multiplier; device test module; digital terrain map; Demonstration Test Method
DTMPN, defect test monitor phase number
DTV, digital television
DUF, diffusion under epitaxial film
DUT, device under test
DUV, deep ultraviolet
DUVSE, deep ultraviolet spectroscopic ellipsometry
DV, design verification; defect data volume
DVER, design rule verification
DVI, digital video interactive
DVM, digital voltmeter
DVS, display vehicle status
DWG, domain work group
DWN, dark wide normal
DWO, dark wide oblique
Dy, dysprosium
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E/D, enhanced depletion; enhancement/depletion mode
E/W, erase/write
EAPSM, enbedded-attenuated phase shift msk
EAROM, electrically alterable read-only memory
EASE, equipment and software emulator
EB, electron beam
E-beam, electron beam
EBHT, electron beam high throughput lithography
EBIC, electron beam-induced current
EBR, edge bead removal; etchback rate
EBSD, electron backscattering diffraction
Ec, coercive field
EC, engineering change; equipment controller
ECA, engineering capability assessment; elemental criticality analysis
ECAD, electronic computer-aided design; engineering computer-aided design
ECAE, electronic computer-aided engineering
ECAG, Equipment Class Application Guideline
ECC, error control coding
ECD, electron capture detector; electrical critical dimension; electrochemical deposition
ECL, emitter coupled logic
ECMD, electrochemical-mechanical deposition
ECMP, electro-chemical-mechanical polishing; electro-chemical-mechanical planarization
ECN, engineering change notice
ECO, engineering change order; edge control only
ECP, electrochemical plating
ECQB, electrochemical quartz crystal balance
ECR, electron cyclotron resonance
ECTFE, ethylene chlorotrifluoroethylene
EDA, electronic design automation; electronic design and automation
EDD, earliest due date
EDGE, enhanced data rates for global standard for mobile (GSM) evolution
EDI, electronic data interchange
EDIF, electronic design interchange format
EDP, electronic data processing
eDRAM, embedded DRAM
EDS, energy-dispersive spectroscopy; electron-dispersive spectroscopy; energy dispersive spectrometers
EDU, equipment dependent uptime
EDX, energy-dispersive X ray
EDXA, energy-dispersive X-ray analysis
EE, electrical engineering
EEDF, electron energy distribution function
EELS, electron energy-loss spectroscopy
EEPROM, electrically erasable programmable read only memory
EES, equipment engineering system
EFEM, equipment front end module; embedded controllers, front-end module
EFO, electronic flame-off
EFOCS, evanescent fiber optic chemical sensors
EFS, extendibility, flexibility, scalability
EFTIR, emission Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy
EFV, excess flow valve
EG, extrinsic gettering
EGE, ethylene glycol ethers
EHO, estimated hourly output
EHS, extremely hazardous substances
EI, equipment integration
EIA, Electronic Industries Association
EIC, extracted ion count
EID, Equipment Interface Development
EIP, Equipment Improvement Program; Equipment Improvement Project
EIS, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy; environmental impact study
EKF, extended Kalman filter
EL, experience level; exposure latitude
ELF, extremely low frequency
ELK, extreme low k
ELL, entrance loadlock
ELS, extended life source; electron energy loss
ELU, environmental loan unit
EM, enterprise model; electromagnetic; electromigration
EMA, effective medium approximation; Equipment Maturity Assessment
EMC, electromagnetic capability; electromagnetic compatibility
EMF , electromagnetic field
EMG, electromigration
EMI, electromagnetic interference
EMMA, electron microscopy and microanalysis
EMO, emergency off
EMP, electromagnetic pulse
EMR, enter move request
EMU, electromagnetic unit
ENOB, effective number of bits
EO, electro-optical; erasable optical
EOL, end of line
EOS, electrical overstress
EOT, end of transfer; equivalent oxide thickness
EOY, end of year
EP, extreme pressure; electropolish; electroplating
EPA, Environmental Protection Agency
epi, epitaxial silicon
EPI, epitaxial silicon
EPIC, to be filled in
EPL, electron projection lithography
EPM, Equipment Performance Metrics
EPO, emergency power off
EPR, electron paramagnetic resonance
EPRI, Electrical Power Research Institute, Inc.
EPROM, electrically programmable read-only memory
EPSM, embedded phase shift mask
EPSS, electronic performance support system
EPT, equipment performance tracking; endpoint
EQCA, electronic QCA
EQUIP C/I, equipment control and integration
EQUIP RTC, equipment real-time control
Er, erbium
ERAM, equipment reliability, availability and maintainability
ERBW, effective resolution bandwidth
ERC, equivalent release concentration
ERD, elastic recoil detection; emerging research devices
ERG, enhancement and review group
ERM, enterprise reference model; emerging research materials
ERN, external recurrent neural network
ERP, extended range pyrometer
ERS, event reporting standard
ERT, emergency response time
Es, einsteinium
ES, engineering specification; expert system
ESA, electrostatic attracted
ESC, electrostatic chuck
ESCA, electron spectroscopy (for) chemical analysis
ESD, electrostatic discharge
ESEM, environmental scanning electron microscope
ESH, Environment, Safety, and Health
ESIA, European Semiconductor Industry Association
ES-level, electronic system level
ESM, electronic service manual
ESPRIT, European Strategic Program for Research in Information Technology
ESW, embedded software
ETAB, Executive Technical Advisory Board
ETQR, External Total Quality and Reliability
ETS, Engineering Test Stand
Eu, europium
EUV, extreme ultraviolet
EUVL, extreme ultraviolet lithography
EUVLLC, EUV Limited Liability Corporation
eV, electronvolt
EVC, equilibrium vapor concentration
EW, electrolyzed water
EWMA, exponentially weighted moving average
EYE, Edinburgh Yield Estimator
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F, fluorine
F/E, focus/exposure
F/I, final inspect
FA, failure analysis
Fab, fabrication
FAB, fast atom bombardment
FACS, fast access to critical solutions
FAMOS, floating-gate avalanche-injection metal-oxide semiconductor
FB, floating body
FBAR, filter bulk acoustic resonator
FBGA, fine pitch ball grid array
FC, flip chip
FCB, flip chip bonding
FCM, facilities cost model
FCS, factory control system
FD, fully depleted
FDA, Food and Drug Administration
FDC, fault detection and classification
FDE, frequency domain experiments
FD-SOI, fully depleted SOI
FDTD, finite difference time domain
FE, finite element; field emission; field engineer
Fe, iron
FEC, fabrication evaluation chip
FEG, field emission gun
FEM, finite element model; focus-exposure matrix; final energy magnet
FEOL, front end of line
FEP , Front-end Processes
FeRAM, ferroelectric RAM
FESEM, field emission scanning electron microscope/microscopy
FET, field-effect transistor
fF, femto Farad
FFT, fast Fourier transform
FFU, filter fan unit
FG, finished goods; forming gas
FI, filterability index; Factory Integration
FIA, field interferometer alignment
FIB, focused ion beam
FICS, factory information and control systems
FID, flame ionization detector
FIDAP, fluid dynamics analysis package
FIFO, first-in, first-out
FIM, field ion microscope
FIMA, Factory integration maturity assessment
FIMS, front-opening interface mechanical standard
FinFET, fin structure field effect transistor
FIT, failure unit; failure in time
FITS, failures in time
FL, fuzzy logic
FLASH, FLASH memory device
FLOODS, Florida Object-Oriented Device Simulator
FLOOPS , Florida Object-Oriented Process Simulator
FLOPC, floating point operations needed per cycle
FLOTOX, floating gate tunnel oxide
FLRT, factory layout/relayout tool
Fm, fermium
FM, foreign material
Fmax, maximum frequency at unity power gain; maximum frequency of oscillation
FMEA, failure mode and effects analysis
Fmin, minimum noise figure
FMMC, factory material movement component
FMS, forms management system; facility management system
FMVP, Framework Member Validation project
FNN, feed-forward neural network
FO, fan-out
FO INV, fan out inverter
FO4 INV, fanout-of-4 inverter
FOCS, fiber optic chemical sensors
FoM, figures of merit
FOSB, front opening shipping box
FOUP, front opening unified pod
FOV, field of view
FOX, field oxide
FP, flash point
FPD, focal plane deviation; flat panel display
FPGA, field-programmable gate array
FPLA, field-programmable logic array
FPLF, field-programmable logic family
FPLS, field-programmable logic switch
FPM, flexual plate mode
FPMS, Factory Performance Modeling Software
FPROM, field-programmable read-only memory
FQA, fixed quality area
Fr, francium
FRACAS, Failure Reporting, Analysis, and Corrective Action System
FRAM, ferroelectric RAM
FRAME, Failure Rate Analysis and Modeling
FRMB, fast ramp mini batch
FS, fused silica; factory systems
Fs, sample rate
FSE, field service engineers
FSG, fused silica glass; fluorinated silicate glass
FSM, finite state machine
ft, cutoff frequency
FT, final test; Fourier transform
FTA, fault tree analysis
FTAB, Focus Technical Advisory Board
FTICR, Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance spectroscopy
FTIR, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy
FTP, fast thermal processing
FW, full wave
FWHM, full-width half-maximum
FWT, fluoride wastewater treatment
FZ, float zone
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Ga, gallium
GAC, granular activated carbon
GAE, gas-assisted etch
GALS, globally asynchronous and locally synchronous
GASAD, gate and source and drain
Gassoc, associated gain
Gb, gigabit
GB, gigabyte
Gb/s, gigabit per second
GC, gas chromatography; gravimetric calibrator
GCC, generic cell controller
GCD, gas chromatography distillation
Gce, transconductance between collector and emitter GCIB, gas cluster ion beam
GCMS, gas chromatography mass spectroscopy
GCR, Generalized Cambridge Ring
Gd, gadolinium
GDP, gas distribution plate
GDPP, gas drive plasma pinch
GDS, generalized data stream; graphical design system; graphical design software
Gds, transconductance between drain and source
Ge, germanium
GEM, Generic Equipment Model
GEMVS, GEM verification system
GES, generic equipment simulator
GFA, gas fusion analysis
GFAAS, graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry/spectroscopy
GFC, gas filter correlation
GFCI, ground fault circuit interrupter
GFIS, gas field ion source
GHG, greenhouse gas
GHz, gigahertz
GI, global irrigation
GIDL, gate-induced drain leakage
GILD, gas immersion laser doping
Gi-XRR, grazing incidence x-ray reflectivity
GJG, global joint guidance
GLC, gas liquid chromatography
Gm, transconductance between drain and gate
GMR, giant magneto resistance
GND, ground
GOF, goodness of fitness
GOI, gate oxide integrity
GOPS, to be filled in
GPIB, general-purpose interface bus
GPM, gross profit margin
GPRS, general packet radio service
GPS, global positioning system
GRC, gas reactor column
GRTV, graphite rapid thermal vulcanization
GSCE, gas source control equipment
GSM, global standard for mobile
GSPID, gain-scheduled proportional integro-differential
GTS, GEM Test System
GUI, graphical user interface
GWIM, global warming impact model
GWLE, good wafer level exposure
GWP, global warming potential
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H, hydrogen
HAC, high aspect contact
HAP, hazardous air pollutant
HAR, high aspect ratio
HARC, high aspect ratio contact
HARI, high aspect ratio inspection
HAST, highly accelerated stress testing
HAZCOM, Hazard Communication Standard
HB, horizontal Bridgeman crystal
HBM, human body model
HBT, heterojunction bipolar transistor
HCI, hot carrier injection
HCl, hydrochloric acid
HCM, hollow cathode magnetron
HCMOS, high density complementary metal-oxide semiconductor
HCS, hot-carrier suppressed
HD, high density
HDD, high density disk
HDL, hardware description language
HDP, high density plasma
HDPE, high density polyethylene
He, helium
HE, high energy
HEM, high efficiency matching
HEMT, high electron mobility transistor
HEPA, high efficiency particulate air
HEX, heat exhaust
Hf, hafnium
HF, hydrofluoric acid
HFRR, hydrofluoric acid reprocessor return system
Hg, mercury
HIBS, heavy ion backscattering spectrometry
HIM, heated injection manifold
HiPOx, high-pressure oxygen
HLF, horizontal laminar flow
HMDS, hexamethyldisilizane
HMIS, hazardous materials inventory statement
HMMP, hazardous materials management plan
HMOS, high performance MOS; high-density MOS
Ho, holmium
HOMER, hazardous organic mass emission rate
HOPG, highly oriented pyrolitic graphite
hp, half-pitch; ITRS technology node indicator
HP, high-performance; high purity
HPCC, high performance computing and communicating
HPEM, Hybrid Plasma Equipment Model
HPL, high performance logic
HPLC, high performance liquid chromatography
HPM, hazardous production materials; high purity metal; hydrochloric peroxide mix
HPV, high pressure vent
HRA, human reliability analysis
HRR, high ramp rate
HRTEM , high resolution transmission electron microscopy
HSFR, high spatial frequency roughness
HSMS, high speed messaging services
HSQ, hydrogen silsesquioxane
HTDR, high temperature data retention
HTF, high temperature film
HTH, head-to-head
HTL, high threshold logic
HTO, high temperature oxidation
HTOL, high temperature operating life
HTRB, high temperature reverse bias
HTU, height of transfer unit
HUPW, hot ultrapure water
HV, high voltage
HVAC, heating, ventilating, and air conditioning
HVC, high value compound
HVM, high volume manufacturing
HVP, high volume production
HVST, to be filled in
HW, hardware
HWS, heating water system
HY, hybrid
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I/O, input/output; in/out
I2L, integrated injector logic
I300I, International 300 mm Initiative
IA, instrument air
IBF, ion beam figure
Ic, collector current
IC, integrated circuit; Investment Council; ion chromatography
ICAP, inductively-coupled argon-plasma spectrometry
ICCG, incomplete conjugate gradient
ICMS, integrated circuit measurement system
ICP, inductively-coupled plasma
ICP-AES, inductively-coupled plasma atomic emission spectroscopy
ICP-MS, inductively-coupled plasma mass spectrometry
ICT, ideal cycle time
ICW, industrial city water
ID, identity
IDA, intentional defect array
Idd,leak, total leakage current for a chip from the power supply in a quiescent state
IDDQ, direct drain quiescent current; quiescent supply current
IDEAL, initiating, diagnosing, establishing, acting, leveraging
IDL, interface definition language; implant data log
IDLH, immediately dangerous to life or health
IDM, integrated device manufacturer; integrated data management
Ids, current between drain and source
IDS, interactive diagnostic system
IEA, ion energy analysis
IEC, infused emitter coupling
IEDF, ion energy distribution function
IEDM, International Electron Devices Meeting
IEEE, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IEICE, Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers
IEM, industry economic modeling
IEP, interferometric endpoint
IERN, internal-external recurrent neural network
IF, interface; intermediate frequency
IFS, iterated function system
Ig, gate current
IG, intrinsic gettering
Igate, gate current
IGFET, insulated-gate field-effect transistor
IH, industrial hygiene
IHT, ideal handler time
II, ion implant (also I2)
IIAP, IMEC Industrial Affiliation Programs
ILB, inner lead bond
ILD, interlevel dielectric; interlayer dielectric
ILDS, integrated liquid delivery system
ILS, intracavity laser spectroscopy
IM, integrated model; integrated metrology; integrated measurement
Imax, maximum via current; maximum current
IMD, intermetal dielectric
IMEC, Interuniversity MicroElectronics Center
IMMA, ion microphobe mass analysis
IMP, ion metal plasma
IMR, integrated model repository
IMS, ion mobility spectroscopy
In, indium
INCAMS, individual cassette manufacturing system
IOC, input/output controller
Ioff, off current
Ion, on current
IP, intellectual property; image placement; Internet protocol
IPA, isopropyl alcohol
IPC, interconnecting and packaging electronic circuits
IPD, in-plane distortion
IPL, ion projection lithography
IPO, initial public offering
IPP, inplane distortion
IPS, inductive plasma source
IPT, ideal process time
IR, infrared
Ir, iridium
IRAS, infrared reflection-absorption spectroscopy
IRC, International Roadmap Committee
IRIS, imaging of radicals interacting with surfaces
IRLAS, infrared laser absorption spectroscopy
IRN, internal recurrent neural network
IR-OBIRCH, infrared optical beam-induced resistance charge
IRONMAN, Improving Reliability of New Machines at Night
IRTC-1, interconnect reliability test chip-1
IS, information systems; interface specifications; integrated systems
ISA, Instrumentation Society of America; instruction set architectures
ISC, Industry Steering Council
Isd,leak, transistor source/drain subthreshold leakage
ISDN, integrated services digital network
ISEM, inspection/review specific equipment model
ISM, inductor super magnetron
ISMT, International SEMATECH
ISO, International Standards Organization
ISPM, in situ particle monitor
ISR, in situ rinse
ISS, ion scattering spectroscopy
ISSCC, International Solid State Circuits Conference
ISSG, in situ steam generation
IST, Information Society Technologies
ITRI, Interconnection Technology Research Institute
ITRS, International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors
ITU, input terminal unit
ITWG, International Technology Working Group
I-V, current voltage
IVH, interstitial via hole
IVP, integrated vacuum processing
IWN, industrial waste neutralization
IYM, integrated yeild management
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JDP, Joint Development Program
JEDEC, Joint Electron Device Engineering Council
JEIDA, Japanese Electronic Industries Development Association
JEITA, Japan Electronics and Information Technologies Association
JESSI, Joint European Submicron Silicon
JFET, junction field effect transistor
JIC, Joint Industrial Council
JIS, Japanese Industrial Standard
JIT, just-in-time
JJ, Josephson junction
JJT, Josephson junction transistor
Jmax, maximum junction current density
JSNM, Japan Society of New Metals
JVD, jet vapor deposition
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k, dielectric constant; relative dielectric constant
K, potassium; thousand
Kbps, kilobits; kilobits per second
KBr, potassium bromide crystal
KC, kinematic coupling
KDLOC, 1000 developed source lines of code
keff, effective dielectric constant
KeV, kilo electron volt
KGD, known good die
kHz, kilohertz
KIT, key intelligence topics
KPA, key process area
Kr, krypton
KSIA, Korea Semiconductor Industry Association
KSLOC, 1000 source lines of code
kV, kilovolt
KWh, kilowatt hour
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L, inductance
La, lanthanum
LA, laser anneal
LAMMA, laser micro-mass analysis
LAMMS, laser micro-mass spectroscopy
LAN, local area network
LANL, Los Alamos National Laboratory
LAR, lot age report
LASOI, large area SOI
LBNL, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
LC, liquid chromatography; lens control
LCA, lifecycle analysis; lifecycle assessment
LCC, leaded chip carrier; lifecycle costing
LCD, liquid crystal display
LCI, lifecycle inventory
LCL, lower confidence limit
LCR, inductance, capacitance, resistance
LDA, linear discriminant analysis
LDD, lightly doped drain
LDL, lower detection limit
LDMOS, laterally diffused metal oxide semiconductor
LDP, low density plasma
LDPE, low density polyethylene
LDS, liquid delivery system
LEC, liquid encapsulated Czochralski crystal
LED, light-emitting diode
Leff, effective channel length
LEL, lower explosive limit
LER, line edge roughness
LF, laminar flow; low frequency
LFL, lower flammable limit
LFSR, linear feedback shift registers
LGA, to be filled in
Lgate, gate length
LGQ, linear Gaussian quadratic
LI, laser interferometry
Li, lithium
LIC, linear integrated circuit
LID, leadless inverted device
LIDAR, light detection and ranging technology
LIFO , last in, first-out
LIMA, laser-induced mass analysis
LIMS, laser-induced mass spectrometry
LIR, location inventory report
LKDM, low k dielectric material
LLCC, leadless chip carrier
LLD, lower limit of detection
LLM, local linear models
LLNL, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
LLNQ, least lots next queue
LLS, localized light scatterer
LM, light microscope
LMDS, local multiple distributed services
Lmin-digital, minimum channel length for low operational power logic device
LMIS, liquid metal ion source
LMMA, laser microprobe mass analysis
LNA, low noise amplifier
LOC, level of concern
LOCOS, local oxidation of silicon
LOD, limit of detection
LOP, low operating power
LOS, loss of selectivity; line of sight
LOTO, lockout/tagout
LP, low power
LPC, linear predictive coding; laser particle counter; low particle concentration; liquid particle counter; liquid-borne particle counter
LPCVD, low pressure chemical vapor deposition
LPD, light point defect; low-pressure dryer
LPE, liquid phase epitaxy
LPI, liquid photo image; low pressure isolation
LPP, laser-produced plasma
LPR, laser plasma reflectometer
LPSM, Levenson phase shift mask
LPT, linear polishing technology
LPV, low pressure vent
Lr, lawrencium
LRP, long-range plan
LRS, laser Raman spectroscopy
LSB, least significant bit
LSCVD, liquid source misted chemical vapor deposition
LSE, latex sphere equivalent; localized scattering effect
LSHI, large-scale hybrid integration
LSI, large-scale integration
LSM, laser scanning microscope
LSS, localized light scatterers
LSTP, low standby power
LTA, laser thermal anneal
LTC, lithographic test chip
LTCVD, low-temperature chemical vapor deposition
LTDR, low temperature data retention
LTEM, low thermal expansion material
LTI, laser thermal implantation
LTL, lot-to-lot
LTO, low-temperature oxidation (or oxide)
LTPD, lot tolerance percent defective
LTV, local thickness variation
Lu, lutetium
LUW, logical unit of work
LV, latent variable
LVDT, linear voltage differential transducer; linear variable displacement transducer; linear variable differential transformer
LVI, low-voltage inverter
LVP, laser voltage probe
LVS, layout verification of schematic
LWB, Lithography Workbench
LWR, line width reduction
LWS, large wafer study
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M, million
m/s, meter per second
mA, milliamperes
MACT, maximum achievable control technology
MALDI, matrix-assisted laser desorption and ionization
MAN, metropolitan area network
MAP, manufacturing automation protocol
MAWP, maximum allowable working pressure
max, maximum
MaxFt, maximum frequency at unity current gain
MB, machine batch; megabyte
Mb , megabit
MB/s, megabits per second
MBC, machine bath collection
MBE, molecular beam epitaxy
MBL, model-based library
MBMS, molecular beam mass spectrometry
MBP, materials and bulk processes
MBPC, model-based process control
MBTC, model-based temperature control
MBX, message bus exchange
MByte, megabyte
MCA, measurement capability analysis
MCBA, mean cycles between assists
MCBF, mean cycles between failures
MCBI, mean cycles between interrupts
MCBSE, mean cycles between scrap event
MCM, multichip module; manufacturing cycle management
MCP, master control processor; multichip package; microchannel plate
MCR, mechanical cold run
MCS, material control system
MCT, mercury cadmium telluride
MCU, microprocessor control unit; mobile calibration unit
MCVD, metal chemical vapor deposition
Md, mendelevium
MD, molecular dynamics
MDC, mechanical dry cycle
MDL, minimum detection limit; master deliverables list
MD-MOS, multi-drain metal-oxide semiconductor
MDQ, market-driven quality
MDS, modify device status; modeling data specification
MDU, modular dispensing unit
MEBS, medium energy backscattering spectrometry
MED , modeling for equipment design
MEEF, mask error enhancement factor
MEF, mask error factors; mask error fault
mELT, modified etch lift-off
MEM, Manufacturing Enterprise Model; Manufacturing Equipment Monitor
MemBIST, to be filled in
MEMS, microelectromechanical system; micromachines
MeOx, metal oxide
MERIE, magnetically enhanced reactive ion etching
MES, manufacturing execution system
MESC, Modular Equipment Standards Committee; Modular Equipment Sub-Committee for Communications
MESFET, metal-semiconductor field effect transistor
MET, micro-exposure tool
METL, multielement two-layer
METS, Materials and Equipment Trading Service
MeV, megaelectrovolt
MFC, mass flow controller
MFFT, to be filled in
MFLOPS, million floating point operations per second
MFM, mass flow meter
MFS, modified fused silica
Mg, magnesium
MG, manufactured goods
MGC, manufactured goods collection
MGE, modulator generalized ellipsometry
MHEMT, metamorphic high electron mobility transistor
MHI, material hazard index
MHT, mechanical handling test
MHz, megahertz
MI, metal illumination
MIC, monolithic integrated circuit; microwave integrated circuit
MID, material ID
MIE, magnetron ion etching; mask inspection enclosure
MIM, metal-insulator-metal
MIMAC, measurement and improvement of manufacturing capacity
MIMD, management information of metrology data
MIMO, multi-input, multi-output
min, minimum
MIPs, millions of instructions per second
MIS, metal insulator silicon; metal insulator semiconductor
ml, milliliter
ML2, maskless lithography
MLC, multilevel cell
MLCC, multilayer ceramic capacitors
MLL, modify lot location
MLM, multilevel metal
MLP, multi-layer perceptron
MLR, message log report
MLV, modify logging versions
MM, Manufacturing Methods; machine model
mm, millimeter
MMC, Manufacturing Methods Council
MMD, Microlithographic Mask Development program
MMIC, monolithic microwave integrated circuit
MMM, material movement management
MMMC, machine material movement component
MMMS, Material Movement Management Standard
MMO, multimodel optimization
MMOS, modified MOS
MMST, Microelectronics Manufacturing Science and Technology
MMU, mass memory unit
MMU-DSP, mass memory unit digital signal processor
mm-wave, millimeter wave
MMX, to be filled in
Mn, manganese
MNA, match network analyzer
MNOS, metal-nitride-oxide semiconductor
MNPD, maximum non-printable defect
MNS, metal-nitride semiconductor
MO, metal-organic
Mo, molybdenum
MOC, model of computation
MOCVD, metal-organic chemical vapor deposition
MOP, modify operating procedures
MOS, metal-oxide semiconductor; metal-oxide-silicon
MOS-C, metal oxide semiconductor capacitor
MOSCAP, metal-oxide semiconductor capacitor
MOSFET, metal-oxide semiconductor field effect transistor
MP, massively parallel
mp, melting point
mP, microprocessor
Mpa, mega pascals
MP-OES, multipoint optical emission spectroscopy
MPP, multiphase printing
MPRES, modular plasma reactor simulator
MPU, microprocessor unit
MPX, multiplex
MQCA, magnetic QCA
MR , magneto resistance
MRAM, magnetic RAM
MRF, magnorheological finishing
MRP, materials requirements planning
MRP-II, manufacturing resource planning
MRS, Materials Research Society; mass resolving slit
MS, mass spectrometry; mass spectrometer; mass spectroscopy
MS/s, megasamples per second
MSB, most significant bit
MSD, mass selective detector
MSDS, Material Safety Data Sheet
MSEM, Metrology Specific Equipment Model
MSFR, mid-spatial frequency roughness
MSG, Management Steering Group
MSHA, Mine Safety and Health Administration
MSI, medium-scale integration; manufacturing support item
MSID, mass spectrometer lead detector
MSL, modify system logging
MSLD, mass spectrometer leak detector
MSQ, methyl silsesquiozane
MSS, modify system state
MSTAB, Manufacturing Systems Technical Advisory Board
MT, multi-technology integration; megatransfers per second
MT/s, magatransfers per second
MTAS, methyltriacetoxysilene
MTBA, mean time between assists
MTBAp, mean (productive) time between assists
MTBC, mean time between cleans
MTBF, mean time between failures
MTBFp, mean (productive) time between failures
MTBI , mean time between interrupt; mean time between incident
MTBIp , mean (productive) time between interrupt
MTJ, magnetic tunnel junction
MTOL, mean time off line; mean time on line
MTS, Material Tracking Standard
MTTA , mean time to assist
MTTC, mean time to correct
MTTCR, mean time to correct and recover
MTTF, mean time to failure
MTTR, mean time to repair
MUL, modify user login
MUP, modify user password
MUX, multiplex; multiplexer
MV, megavolt
MVC, model view controller
MVH, micro via hole
MVTR, moisture vapor transmission rate
mW, milliWatt
MW, molecular weight
MWBC, mean wafers between cleans
MWBF, mean wafers between failures
MWBI, mean wafers between interrupt
MWT, monitor wafer turner
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N, nitrogen
NA, numerical aperture
Na, sodium
NAA, neutron activation analysis
NAND, "NAND" logic gate; not an “AND” logic operation
Nb, niobium
NBE, neutral beam etching
NBTI, negative temperature bias instability
NCMS, National Center for Manufacturing and Science
NCS, Network Communication Standard
Nd, neodymium
NDA, nondisclosure agreement
NDC, nitrogen-doped carbide
NDE , nondestructive evaluation
NDIR , nondispersive infrared spectroscopy
NDP, neutron depth profiling
NDR , negative differential resistance regime
NDRO, nondestructive readout
NDT, nondestructive testing
NDUV, nondispersive ultraviolet spectroscopy
Ne, neon
NEA, noise equivalent absorbance
NEC, National Electric Code
NEMI, National Electronics Manufacturers Institute
NEMS, nanoeletro-mechanical systems
NESHAP, National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants
NF, noise figure
NFET, n channel field effect transistor
NFGM, nanofloating gate memory
NFmin, noise figure minimum
NFOM, near field optical microscopy
NFPA, National Fire Protection Association
NGL, next generation lithography
NGL-MCOC, Next Generation Lithography - Mask Center of Competence
Ni, nickel
NILS, normalized image log shape
NIRA, near infrared reflection analysis
NIST, National Institute of Standards and Technology
nm, nanometer
NMOS, negative channel metal-oxide semiconductor
NMOSFET, negative channel metal-oxide semiconductor field effect transistor
NMR, nuclear magnetic resonance
NN, neural network
No, nobelium
NOR, "NOR" logic gate; not an “OR” logic operation
Np, neptunium
NP, nutrification potential
NPN, negative-positive-negative; n-type emitter/p-type base/n-type collector bipolar transistor
NPV, net present value
NPW, nonproduct wafer
NRA, nuclear reaction analysis
NRDD, non-referential defect detection
NRE, nonrecurring engineering
NRZ, non-return to zero
ns, nanosecond
NSE, neutral stream etch
NSF, National Science Foundation
NTP, normal temperature and pressure
NTRM, NIST traceable reference materials [tm]
NTRS, National Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors
NTU, nephelometric turbidity units
NVD, non-visual defect
NVM, non-volatile memory
NVR, nonvolatile residue
NWL, next wavelength
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O, oxygen
OAI, off-axis illumination
OBA, object behavior analysis
OBEM, Object-Based Equipment Model
OBIC, optical beam induced current
OBL, object-based language
OC, open cassette
OCR, optical character recognition
OD, outside diameter; optical density
O-D, zero dimensional
ODBC, open database connectivity
ODC, oxygen-doped carbide
ODP, ozone depletion potential
ODS, ozone-depleting substances
OEBR, optical edge bead removal
OEE, overall equipment effectiveness; overall equipment efficiency
OEL, occupational exposure limit
OEM, original equipment manufacturer
OES, optical emission spectroscopy
OFA, oil-free air
OFE, overall factory effectiveness
OHS, overhead hoist shuttle
OHT, overhead transport; overhead hoist transport
OHV, overhead vehicle
OHVC, overhead hoist vehicle controller
OID, object interaction diagram; object identification
OIM, orientation imaging microscopy
OIP, order intercept point
OL, objective lens; overlay
OLB, outer lead bond
OLE, object linking and embedding; object linking environment
OLED, organic light emitting diode
OLS, ordinary least squares
OM, operational modeling; optical microscopy
OMA, object management architecture
OMS, optical mass spectroscopy
OMT, object modeling technique
ONO, oxide/nitride/oxide
OO, object-oriented
OOA, object-oriented analysis
OOD, object-oriented design
OODB, object-oriented database
OODBMS, object-oriented database management system
OOP, object-oriented programming
OOPS, object-oriented programming system
OPC, optical particle counter; optical proximity correction
OPC, optical proximity correction
OPD, out-of-plane distortion
OPL, optical pathlength
ORB, object request broker
ORM, other regulated material
ORNL, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
ORP, oxidation-reduction potential
ORTC, Overall Technology Roadmap Characteristics
OS, operating system
Os, osmium
OSF, Open Systems Foundation; oxidation-induced stacking fault; oxidation stacking faults
OSG, organosilicate glass
OSI, open system interconnection
OSRM, Office of Standard Reference Materials
OSS, Object Services Standard
OSV, offset scan voting
OTA, overall ATE accuracy
OTD, on-time delivery
OTF, optical transfer function
OUM, ovionic unified memory
OVL, overlay
Ox, oxide
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P, phosphorous
P/E, program/erase
p/p, p-type on p-type
P/T, precision-tolerance
P-1dB, point at which device gain is 1dB less than the linear gain (gain is compressed by 1 dB)
pA, picoAmpere
PA, power amplifier
Pa, protactinium; pascals
PAB, post-apply bake
PAC, photoactive compound
PACVD, plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition
PAE, power added efficiency
PA-FTIR, photoacoustic Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy
PAG, photoacid generator; program advisory group
PAL, process automation language; programmable array logic; process asset library
PALS, positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy
PAM , process application module
PAN, personal area network
PAS, photoacoustic spectroscopy; project assessment survey
PAT, Process Action Team
PAWS, portable acoustic wave sensor
Pb, lead
PBET, Performance-Based Equipment Training
PBGA, plastic ball grid array
PBL, poly-buffered LOCOS
PBN, plasma bridge neutralizer
PBS, photon backscattering
PC, personal computer; programmable controller; process control
PCA, principal component analysis
PCAD, packaging computer-aided design
PCB, printed circuit board
PCC, power connectivity cost
PCD, photochemical darkening
PCHP, pre-coat hotplate
PCM, pulse-code modulation; process control monitor
PCMP, post chemical-mechanical polishing
PCMS, plasma chemistry Monte-Carlo simulation
PCO, photocatalytic oxidation
PCOMP, pressure compensation
PCR, principle component regression
PCS, production cost savings; personal communication service
PCSA, polarizer-compensator sample analyzer
PCT, Process Change Teams
PCW, process cooling water
PCWR, process cooling water returns
Pd, palladium
PD, partially depleted
PDA, personal digital assistant
PDC, passive data collection
PDF, portable document format; process design failure
PDL, Plastics Design Library
PDS, photothermal displacement spectroscopy; personal digital service
PDSA, peroxydisulfuric acid
PD-SOI, partially depleted SOI
PDU, protocol data unit
PDVC, phase-dependent voltage contrast
PE, power efficient
PEB, post-exposure bake
PEC, proximity effect correction; protective electrostatic chuck cover
PECVD, plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition
PED, post-exposure delay
PEDS, plasma-enhanced deposition system
PEEK, polyetheretherkeytone
PEELS, parallel electron energy loss spectrometry
PEEM, photo-electron emission microscope
PEF, plasma-enhanced floodgun
PEL, proximity electron lithography; permissible exposure level (limit)
PERT, program evaluation review technique
PES, photoelectron spectroscopy
PET, post-etch treatment
PETEOS, plasma-enhanced tetraethylosilicate
pF, picofarad
PFA, perfluoroalkoxy, physical failure analysis
PFC, perfluorocompound; perfluorocarbon
PFO, perfluorooctyl sulfonates
PFOS, perfluorooctyl sulfonates
PFPE, perfluorinated polyether
PFR, plug-flow reactor
PFS, plasma flood system
PfTQ, Partnering for Total Quality
PGA, pin grid array
PGI, purge gas inlet
P-GILD, projection gas immersion laser doping
PGV, person guided vehicle
PHEMT, psuedomorphic high electron mobility transistor
PHI, Physical Electronics Co.
PHOST, poly hydroxystyrene
PI, proportional integral
PIC, Physical interfaces and carriers
PICA, picosecond imaging circuit analysis
PID, proportional integral derivative; process-induced defect;proportional integral differential
PIDS, Process Integration, Devices, and Structures
PIII, plasma immersion ion implantation
PIND, particle impact noise detection
PIP, process-induced particles
PIV, peak inverse voltage; post indicator valve
pk-pk, peak-to-peak
PLA, programmable logic array
PLC, programmable logic controller; product life cycle
PLCC, plastic leaded chip carrier
PLDD, p-type lightly doped drain
PLED , phase-state low-electron-number drive memory
PLIS, precision liquid injection system
PLL, plasma lockload; phase-locked loop
PLS, partial least squares; projection of latent structures
PLY, photolimited yield
PM, particle monitor; preventive maintenance; process module
Pm, promethium
PMC, process module controller
PMCC, Pensky-Martens closed cup
PMI, phase measuring interferometer
PMM, phase measuring microscope
PMMA, polymethyl methacrylate
PMOS, positive channel metal-oxide semiconductor
PMOSFET, positive channel metal-oxide semiconductor field effect transistor
PMP, particles per wafer pass
PMS, particle measuring system
PMT, photomultiplier tube
PMTF, Product Management Task Force
PNL, pulsed nucleation layer
PNNL, Pacific Northwest National Laboratories (Battelle)
PNWD, Pacific Northwest Division (Battelle, Pacific Northwest National Laboratories)
Po, polonium
PO, projection optics
POB, projection optics box
POC, point of connection
POCP, photochemical ozone creation potential
POD, point of distribution, point of delivery
POE, point of entry
poly, polysilicon
POP, part of process
POR, process of record
POS, point of supply
POSIX, portable operating system interface for computing environments
POU, point-of-use
POUCG, point-of-use chemical generation
Pout, power out
PP, polypropylene
ppb, parts per billion
PPB, see ppb
ppbV, parts per billion (volume)
ppbWT, parts per billion (weight)
PPE, personal protective equipment
PPGA, plastic pin grid array
PPID, process program identification
ppm, parts per million
PPM, point projection microscope
ppma, parts per million atomic
ppmV, parts per million (volume)
PPPL, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
PPRef, process program reference
ppt, parts per trillion
PQFP, plastic quad flat pack
Pr, praseodymium
PRAS, particle reactor analysis services
PRAT, production reliability acceptance test
PRB, pseudo-random binary
PRBS, pseudo random bit sequence; pseudo-random binary sequences
PRD, process research and development
PRESS, prediction error sum of squares
PROM, programmable read-only memory
PRPG, pseudo random pattern generators
PRSC, parametric response surface control
PRTR, pollutant release and transfer disclosure
PRV, person rail guided vehicle
ps, picosecond
PS, porous silicon
PSAM, probabilistic shape and appearance model
PSB, phase shifting blank; product safety bulletin
PSC, porous silicon capacitor
PSD, power spectral density; port status display
PSDI, phase-shifting diffraction interferometer
PSG, phosphosilicate glass; phosphorus doped silicon glass
PSII, plasma source ion implantation
PSL, polystyrene latex
PSLS, polystyrene latex sphere
PSM, phase shifting mask; phase shift mask
PSR, perfectly stirred reactor
PSV, pseudo spin valve
Pt, platinum
PTAB, Project Technical Advisory Board
PTC, pre- and post-process treatment chambers
PTFE, polytetrafluorethylene; Teflon
PTH, plated through hole
PTPA, probe-to-pad alignment
Pu, plutonium
PV, process vacuum
PVA, polyvinylacetate
PVC, polyvinylchloride
PVD, physical vapor deposition
PVDF, polyvinylidene fluoride
PWB, printed wiring board
PWP, particles per wafer pass
PXL, proximity x-ray lithography
PZT, Pb(Zr,Ti)O2; Pb(Zr,Ti)O3; Pb(Zr,Ti)O4
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Q, quality factor
Q factor, loss factor for a resonant circuit
QA, quality assurance
QBD, charge to breakdown
QC, quality control
QCA, quantum cellular automata
QCM, quartz crystal microbalance
QDR, quick dump rinse
QFD, quality function deployment
QFP, quad flat pack
QFPN, quad flat pack nonleaded
QIC, quartz inlet capillary
QM, qualification model; qualification motor; quality manager
QMS, quadrupole mass spectrometer
QSR, quality system review
Qsw, Q-switch
QTAT, quick turnaround time
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R, resistance
R&D, research and development
R/W, read/write
R2R, run-to-run
Ra, radium
RAC, remote access and control
RAE, residue after evaporation
RAHU, recirculation air handling unit
RAIRS, reflection-absorption infrared spectroscopy
RAM, random access memory; reliability, availability, and maintainability
RAMP, Reliability Analysis and Modeling Program
Rb, rubidium
RBA, rotary bonded abrasive
RBB, base sheet resistance
RBMT, region-based multi-thresholding
RBS, refractive backscattering; Rutherford backscattering spectroscopy
RBV, ramp breakdown voltage
RC, resistance-capacitance
RCA, clean process invented by RCA
RCE, rotating compensator ellipsometer
RCS, revision control system
RCT, reference cluster tool
RCWA, rigorous coupled wave analysis
RDD, reliability defect density
RDI, raw data interface
RDLY, random limited yield; random defect limited yield
RDMT, radio dispatch mobile data transportation management
RDR, rotating disk reactor
RDS, remote dispense system; resist dispense system
Re, rhenium
REL, recommended exposure limit
RESSFOX, recessed sealed sidewall field oxidation
RET, reticle enhancement technology
RF, radio frequency; resonance frequency
RFI , request for information; radio frequency interference
RFIC, radio frequency integrated circuit
RFM, radio frequency monitoring
RFO, restricted flow orifice
RFP, request for plan; request for proposal; radio frequency probe
RFQ, request for quote
RFT, resonant frequency tool
RGA, residual gas analysis
RGV, rail guided vehicle
RH, relative humidity
Rh, rhodium
RI, reliability improvement
RIE, reactive ion etch
RIM, read-in mode
RISC, reduced instruction set computer/computing
RIST, rule induction and statistical testing
RLC, resistance-inductance-capacitance
RLI, resist lithography
RMI, remote method invocation
RMOS, refractory metal-oxide semiconductor
RMS, root mean square; Recipe Management Standard; reticle management system
RMSEP, root mean square error of prediction
RMTF, Recipe Management Task Force
Rn, radon
RNN, recurrent neural network
RO, reverse osmosis
ROC, remote object communications
ROE, return on equity
ROI, return on investment
ROM, read-only memory
ROMP, ring opening metathesis polymerization
ROX, run of experiments
RPAO, remote plasma assisted oxidation
RPC, remote procedure call
RPD, relative percent deviation
RPECVD, rapid plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition
RPN, remote plasma nitridation
RPS, relative phase shift
RQ, reportable quantity
RR, removal rate
RRMSEP, relative root mean square error of prediction
Rs, sheet resistance
RSA, range standardization and automation; reference satellite A; remote station automation
RS&TM, reliability screens and test methods
Rsd, series source/drain parasitic resistance
RSE, reactive sputter etch
RSF, relative sensitivity factor
RSFQ, rapid single flux quantum
RSM, response surface methodology; response surface matrix
RsXj, sheet resistance/junction depth
RT, room temperature
RTA, rapid thermal anneal
RTB, real-time backplane
RTC, Resist Test Center
RTCVD, rapid thermal chemical vapor deposition
RTD, resistance temperature detector
RTD-FET, resonant tunneling diode FET
RTL, resistor-transistor logic; register transfer level
RT-level, resistor-transistor logic; register transfer level
RTM, rapid thermal multiprocessing
RTO, rapid thermal oxidation; regenerative thermal oxidizer
RTOS, real-time operating system
RTP, rapid thermal processing (or processor)
RTR, real-time reporting
RTS, request to send
RTSPC, real-time statistical process control
RTV, room temperature vulcanizing
RTY, retry limit
Ru, ruthenium
RWOH, reliability without hermiticity
Rx, receive unit; receiver
RZ, return to zero
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S, sulfur
S/A, sensor/actuator
S/D, source/drain
s/n, serial number
S/N, signal-to-noise
S21, forward transmission gain with output terminated in a matched load (one of the four scattering parameters in a two-port network)
SA, surface area; subresolution assist; structured analysis; sensitivity analysis
SAA, static automated analysis
SAB, sensor/actuator bus
SACVD, sub-atmospheric chemical vapor deposition
SAE, Society of Automotive Engineers
SAF, stuck-at fault
SAM, scanning auger microscopy; scanning acoustical microscopy; self-assembled monolayer
SANS, angle neutron scattering
SASOI, small area SOI
SAT, spray acid tool
SAT TV, satellite television
SAW, surface acoustic wave
Sb, antimony
SB, strong base ion exchange
SBl, safety bulletin
SBT, strontium barium titanate; SrBi2Ta2O8; SrBi2Ta2O9
Sc, scandium
SC1, Standard Clean 1
SC-1, standard clean 1
SC2, Standard Clean 2
SC-2, standard clean 2
SCA , surface charge analysis
SCALE, SEMATECH Cell Application Learning Environment
SCALPEL, scattering with aperture limited projection lithography
SCBA, self-contained breathing apparatus
SCC, strategic cell controller
scCO2, supercritical CO2
SCCS, source code control system
SCDS, super catalytic decomposition system
SCE, saturated calomel electrode; short channel effects
SCF, super critical fluid
SCFH, standard cubic feet per hour
SCI, surface charge imaging
SCIC, semiconductor integrated circuit
SCM, scanning capacitance microscopy
SCOE, SEMATECH Center of Excellence
SCP, single chip package
SCR, silicon controlled rectifier
SD, small dual in-line package; structured design
SDE, source/drain extension
SDFL, Schottky-diode FET logic
SDLC, synchronous data link control
SDLY, systemic defect limited yield
SDM, specific device model for SAB
SDRAM, synchronous DRAM
SDS, smart distributed system; safe delivery system
SDSI, synchronous data-link control
Se, selenium
SE, spectroscopic ellipsometry; secondary electron
SEAJ, Semiconductor Equipment Association of Japan
SEC, size exclusion chromatography
SECS, Semiconductor Equipment Communications Standard
SEG, selective epitaxial growth
SEIM, software engineering improvement method
SEM, scanning electron microscopy; specific equipment model
SEMI, Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International
SemiSPIN, Semiconductor Software Process Improvement Network
SEP, software engineering process; spin etch planarization
SEPG, Software Engineering Process Group
SEQDB, Semiconductor Equipment Database
SER, soft error rate
SerDes, serializer and deserializer
SET, single electron transistor
SETEC, Semiconductor Equipment Technology Center
SEU, single event upset
SFC, supercritical fluid chromatography
SFCS, shop floor control system
SFCS I/F, shop floor control system interface
SFDR, spurious free dynamic range
SFP, stress-free polishing
SFQR, site flatness
SFSR, site flatness
SGML, Standard Generalized Markup Language
SGMM, Semiconductor Generic Manufacturing Model
SGMRS, Semiconductor Generic Manufacturing Requirements Specification
Si, silicon
SIA, Semiconductor Industry Association
SiC, silicon carbide
SIDP, sputter ion depth profiling
SIL, solid immersion lens, Systems Integration Lab (was ATF)
SILC, stress-induced leakage current
SiLK, silicon low-k
SIM, selective ion marketing; selective ion monitoring
SIMO , single input, multi-output
SIMOX, separation by implantation of oxygen
SIMS, secondary ion mass spectroscopy
SINAD, signal-to-noise-and-distortion
SIP, SEMATECH Internal Program; self-ionizing plasma; system-in-package
SIRIJ, Semiconductor Industry Research Institute of Japan
SISO, single input, single output
SISR, single input signature registers
SIV, sensors in vacuum
SL, specification limit
SLAM, scanning laser acoustic microscopy; single layer alumina metallization
SLC, single level cell; surface laminar circuit
SLDY, systematic limited yield
SLM, single-level metal
SLOC, source lines of code
SLSI, super large scale integration
Sm, samarium
SM, stress migration
SMB, single-mask bumping
SMC, surface-mounted components
SMD, surface-mounted device
SME, subject matter expert; software maintenance engineer; semiconductor manufacturing equipment
SMG, screen management guide
SMIF, standard mechanical interface
SMLY, systematic mechanisms limited yield
SMP, symmetric multiprocessing; signal message processor; software management plan; symmetric multi-processor
SMPM, SECS message protocol machine
SMR, semiconductor mask representation
SMS, SECS message service
SMT, surface mount technology
SMTS, Strategic Material Transport System
SN, storage node
Sn, tin
SNL, Sandia National Laboratory
SNMS, sputtered neutral mass spectroscopy
SNOM, scanning nearfield optical microscopy
SNR , signal-to-noise ratio
SO, small outline (package)
SOC, system on a chip; silicon-on-chip
SoC, system on chip
SoC-C, system-on-chip cost driven
SOC-LP PDA, SOC-low power PDA
SoC-MT, system-on-chip multi-technology integration
SoC-P, system-on-chip performance driven
SOD, spin-on dielectric
SODAS, SEMATECH Organized Damage Analysis Software
SOG, spin-on glass
SOHO, small office home office
SOI, silicon-on-insulator
SOIC, small outline integrated circuit
Sol-Gel, the transition of a system from a liquid "sol" (mostly colloidal) into a solid "gel" phase
SOM, scanning optical microscopy; sulfuric acid-ozone mixture
SON, small outline nonleaded package
SONET, synchronous optical network
SONOS, silicon/oxide/nitride/oxide/silicon
SOP, standard operating procedure; system on package
SOS, silicon on sapphire
SOW, statement of work
SPC, statistical process control
SPI, software process improvement
SPICE, simulation program with integrated circuit emphasis
SPIDER, SEMATECH Process Induced Damage Effect Revealer
SPIDER-MEM, SPIDER-Manufacturing Equipment Monitor
SPIE, International Society of Optical Engineering
SPIN, Software Process Improvement Network
SPM, scanning probe microscope; scanning probe microscopy; sulfuric acid/hydrogen peroxide mixture
SPP, single-phase printing
SPR, semiconductor process representation
SPS, surface preparation system
SPT, shortest processing time
SPV, surface photovoltage
SQC, statistical quality control
SQL, Structured Query Language
SQPMM, Software Quality and Process Maturity Model
Sr, strontium
SRAC, Supplier Relations Action Council
SRAM, static random access memory
SRC, Semiconductor Research Corporation
SRM, standard reference materials
SRP, spreading resistance probe
SRPT, shortest remaining processing time
SRS, software requirements specification
SS, small signal
SSA, Semiconductor Safety Association; spatial signature analysis
SSC, subsystem controller
SSE, sum squared error
SSEM, Stepper Specific Equipment Model
SSI, small scale integration
SSIS, scanning surface inspection systems
SSM, strategic sourcing methodology
SSQA, Standardized Supplier Quality Assessment
SSRL, SEMATECH Software Reuse Library
SSRM, scanning spreading resistance microscopy
SSRP, SEMATECH Software Reuse Program
STA, static timing analysis
STAR, simultaneous transmitted and reflected
STEL, short-term exposure limit
STEM, scanning transmission electron microscope/microscopy
STI, shallow trench isolation
STM, scanning tunneling microscopy
STO, strontium titanate
STP, standard temperature and pressure; system test plan
STRJ , Semiconductor Technology Roadmap of Japan
STRJ-WG, Semiconductor Technology Roadmap of Japan Working Group
SU, subresolution attenuated
SUT, system under test
SVD, singular value decomposition
SVID, system variable identifier
SW, software
SWAT, Software Action Team
SWC, solvent waste collection
SWEAT, standard wafer-level electromigration accelerated test
SWI, static walkthrough/inspection
SWIM, Semiconductor Workbench for Integrated Modeling
SWP, single wafer processing
SWR, semiconductor wafer representation
SWV, square wave voltammetry
SXR, specular X-ray reflectance
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T, temperature
t, transistor
t diel, thickness of dielectric
t eq. ox, equivalent oxide thickness
T/C, thermocompression
T/R, transmit receive
T/S, thermosonic
T2C, one transistor-two capacitor
Ta, tantalum
TAB, Technical Advisory Board; tape automated bonding
TAP, Tool Application Program; terminal access point
TAS, trace analysis system
TASC, Technical Analysis Services for COO
TAT, turnaround time
Tb, terbium
TB, tied body
TBAH, tetrabutylammonium hydroxide
TBC, time-based competitiveness
TBD, time to breakdown
Tc, technetium
TC, time constant; temperature coefficient; thermocouple
TCA, test calibration assembly; 1 TCAD, technology computer-aided design
TCC, tactical cell controller
TCDM, tool development cost model
TCE, temperature coefficient of expansion
TCM, tunneling current microscopy
TCP, transformer-coupled plasma; tape carrier package; transport control protocol
TCP/IP, transmission control protocol/internet protocol
TCR, temperature coefficient of resistance
TCU, temperature control unit
TD, thermal desorption
TDDB, time-dependent dielectric breakdown
TDEAT, tetrakis (diethylamino) titanium
TDEV, transport-level deviation
TDI, time delay integration
TDLAS, tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy
TDMAT, tetrakis (dimethylamido) titanium
TDMS, thermal desorption mass spectrometry
TDR, time domain reflectometry
TDS, thermal desorption spectroscopy
Te, tellurium
TE, transverse electric; transmitted electron
TEA, transverse excited atmosphere
TEC, thermal expansion coefficient; test and electrical characterization
TECAP, transistor electrical characterization and analysis program
TED, transient enhanced diffusion; transmitted electron detection
TEG, technical exchange group
TEM, transmission electron microscopy; transverse electromagnetic
TEOS, tetraethoxysilane; tetraethylorthosilicate; tetraethelorthosilicate; tetrethoxysilicide
TEPO, triethylphosphate
TES, trench etch stop
TFC, total fault coverage
TFD, total focal deviation
TFE, tetrafluorethylene
TFT, thin film transistors
TFX, toxic effects
TG, thermogravimetry
TGA, thermal gas analysis; thermal gravimetric analysis
TGM, toxic gas monitoring
Th, thorium
THC, total hydrocarbons
Ti, titanium
TIBA, triisobutlaluminum
TIC, total ion count
TIR, total indicator runout; total internal reflection
TIS, tool induced shift
TIVA, thermally induced voltage acceleration; thermally induced voltage alteration
Tl, thallium
TJ, total jitter
TLC, thin layer chromatography
TLE, tool loading elevator
TLI, thin layer imaging
TLM, tape-laying machine; telemeter; transition line model
TLP, transmission line pulse
TLV, threshold limit value
TLV/TWA, threshold limit value/time-weighted average
Tm, thulium
TM, transport module
T-M, time-to-market
TMA, thermal mechanical analyzer
TMB, trimethylborate
TMC, transport module controller; transfer module controller
TML, total mass loss
TMOR, thermally modulated optical reflectance
TMP , trimethylphosphate; turbomolecular pump
TMR, tunneling magneto resistance
TO, transistor outline package
TOA, take-off angle
TOC, total organic carbon; total oxidizable carbon
TOF, time-of-flight
TOR, top of range
Tox, oxide thickness
TP, teach pendant
TP2, tool performance tracking platform
TPD, temperature program desorption
TPG, test pattern generation
TPM, total productive maintenance; total productive manufacturing
TPRS, temperature programmed reaction spectroscopy
TPU, thermal processing unit
TQ, total quality
TQM, total quality management
TRE, time resolved photoemission
TSCA, Toxic Substances Control Act
TSI, top surface imaging
TSIA, Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association
TSOP, thin small outline package
TSP, temperature-sensitive parameter
TT, Technology Transfer
TTL, transistor-transistor logic; through the lens
TTV, total thickness variation
TVS, triangular voltage sweep
TWA, time-weighted average
TWG, technology working group
Tx, transmit unit
TXRF, total reflection x-ray fluorescence
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U, uranium
U/S, ultrasonic
uA, microamperes
UART, universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter
UBM, under-bump metallurgy
UCB, unit code browser
UCL, upper confidence limit; upper control limit
UCPSS, ultra clean process of silicon surface
UEL, upper explosive limit
uF, micro-Farad
UF, ultra-filtration
UFC, unsaturated fluorocarbon; Uniform Fire Code
UFL, upper flammable limit
UHF, ultra-high frequency
UHP, ultra-high purity
UHV, ultra-high vacuum
UI, user interface
UID, user identification
ULA, uncommitted logic array
ULK, ultra low k
ULPA, ultra-low particulate air
ULSI, ultra large-scale integration
um, micrometer; micron
UMTS, universal mobile telecommunications system
UPA, ultraperforming algorithm
UPH, units per hour
UPPER, User Group for Process Simulation European Research
UPS, uninterrupted power supply
UPW, ultrapure water
URD , user requirement document
URL, uniform resource locator
us, microsecond
USART, universal synchronous/asynchronous receiver/transmitter
USB, universal serial bus
USG, undoped silicate glass
USJ, ultra shallow junction
USOP, ultra small outline package
USRD, user system requirement document
UTR, ultrathin resist
Utt, unattenuated
UTV, unmanned transport vehicle
UUT, unit under test
UV, ultraviolet
UWB, ultra wideband
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V, vanadium; volt; voltage
V/um, volts per micron
VA, volume absorber
VAC, volts alternating current
VAE, variable aperture electrode
VAR, value added reseller; volt-ampere reactive
VASE, variable angle spectroscopic ellipsometry
Vbc, voltage between base and collector
Vbco, see BVcbo
Vbe, voltage between the base and emitter
Vbitline, bitline voltage
Vbs, bulk-source voltage
Vcc, bipolar operation voltage, device collector voltage
VCO, voltage controlled oscillator
Vd, drain source voltage of a MOSFET
VDC, volts direct-current
Vdd, power supply voltage; FET operation voltage
VDP, Van der Pauw
VDS, vapor distribution system; vacuum diagnostics system
Vds, voltage between sourse and drain; voltage drop source/drain
VDSL, very high bit-rate digital subscriber line
VDSM, very deep sub-micron
Vearly, early voltage
Vf, to be filled in
VFD, variable frequency drive
VFDD, via-first dual damascene
VFEI, virtual factory equipment interface
VFTL, via first trench last
Vg, gate voltage
VHDL, very high description language
VHF, very high frequency
VHN, Vickers hardness number
VHORG, vertically and horizontally organized grid
VHP, very high productivity; very high performance
VHS, variable hard sphere
VHSIC, very high-speed integrated circuit
V-I, vacancy-interstitial
VLA, very large array
VLE, vapor levitation epitaxy
VLF, vertical laminar flow
VLL, Video Lead Locator
VLS, variable line spacing
VLSI, very large scale integration
VLT, very low temperature
VLV, very low voltage
VM, virtual machine
VMB, valve manifold box
VME, versa micromodule extension; virtual manufacturing enterprise
VMOS, vertical MOS
V-MOS, v-groove metal-oxide semiconductor
VMP, valve manifold post
VMW, vertically modulated well
VNL, Virtual National Laboratory (LLNL, LBNL, SNL)
VOC, volatile organic compound
VODM, vapor on demand
Vop, operation voltage
VP, volume production
VPD, vapor phase desorption; vapor phase decomposition
VPD-ICPMS, vapor phase decomposition-inductively-coupled plasma mass spectrometry
VPP, peak-to-peak voltage
VRG, vertical replacement gate
VRT, variable retention time
Vs, source voltage
VSAT, very small aperture satellite ground terminal
VSP, variable soft sphere
VSS, variable soft sphere
Vt, voltage threshold
Vth, voltage threshold
VTP, vertical thermal processor
VTVM, vacuum tube voltmeter
VUV, vacuum ultraviolet
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W, tungsten
W/B, wire bonding
W/E, write/erase
WAN, wide area network
WB, weak base; wirebonding
W-bit, wait-bit
WBS, work breakdown structure
WBSEM, Wire Bonder Specific Equipment Model
WCDMA, wideband code division multiple access
WCN, tungsten-carbon-nitride
WCoP, tungsten cobalt phosphide
WD, working distance
WDM, wavelength division multiplex
WDS, wavelength-dispersive spectrometry of X-rays
WDX, wavelength dispersive X-ray
WDXA, wavelength-dispersive X-ray analysis
WEC, wafer environment control
WECC, wafer environment contamination control
WFT, wafer fabrication template
WIB, within-batch
WIP, work in process; work in progress
WIS, water-induced shift
WIW, within-wafer
WIWNU, within-wafer nonuniformity
WLAN, wideband local area network
WLBI, wafer-level burn-in
WLP, wafer-level package; wafer level processing
WLR, wafer level reliability
WLS, weighted least squares
WLT, wafer-level test
WN, tungsten nitride
WNP, waste neutralization plant
WORM, write once read many
WPAN, wideband personal network
WPC, wafer process chamber; wafer production capacity
WPH, wafers per hour
WSC, World Semiconductor Council
WSI, wafer-scale integration
WSPM, Wafer starts per month
WSPW, wafer starts per week
WTC, wafer transfer chamber
WTW, wafer-to wafer
WTWNU, wafer-to wafer nonuniformity
WVDS, water vapor delivery system
WVR, water vapor regained
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X, inductive reactance
XANES, X-ray adsorption near edge structure spectroscopy
Xe, xenon
Xj, junction depth
XLL, exit loadlock
XLS, excimer laser system; extended light scatterer
XML, extensible markup language
XPS, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
XRD, X-ray diffraction
XRF, X-ray fluorescence spectrometry
XRR, x-ray reflectivity
XSEM, cross-sectional scanning electron microscopy

Y, yttrium
Y overall, overall yield
Y random, random defect limited yield
Y systematic, systematic mechanism yield
YAG, yttrium aluminum garnet
Yb, ytterbium
YIG, yield impact graph
YMS, yield management system
YMT, yield management tools
YR, yield ramp
Ys, systemic defect limited yield

Z, zinc
ZCC, zone control conveyor
Zn, zinc
Zr, zirconium